How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular over the last decade or so – also known as e-cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes and e-cigs have been developed to provide an alternative for smokers who just can’t quit without a little extra help. They don’t contain tobacco but they do contain nicotine – or at least they do if you use the cartridges which contain nicotine.


Here’s a quick rundown of how they work –

There are three main parts to an electronic cigarette:

  • The rechargeable lithium battery
  • Vaporization chamber
  • Cartridge

When you light a traditional tobacco cigarette the tobacco burns and releases smoke which contains the nicotine. This smoke is inhaled and delivers the nicotine into the lungs. Electronic cigarettes from on the other hand do not involve burning or smoke. The liquid containing the nicotine is heated and converted into a mist or vapor which is then inhaled in a similar fashion to the smoke delivering the nicotine fix to the lungs.

The electronic cigarette is powered by the rechargeable lithium battery which needs to be recharged regularly in a similar way to a cell phone. This battery is then connected with the vaporization chamber – a simple hollow tube which contains an atomizer and other electronic components – this produces the vapor which carries the nicotine to the lungs.
A cartridge containing the liquid is attached to the vaporization chamber, the tip of this cartridge acting as the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. This makes the use of e cigarettes a very similar experience to that of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The act of inhaling serves to activate the atomizer into heating the liquid within the chamber and converting it into the vapor. The user inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece and the nicotine is delivered to the lungs, a cloud of vapor is produced whilst exhaling similar to the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.
The e-cigarette not only provides a smoker with their much needed nicotine fix but also allows them to go through the same procedure as they would with a normal cigarette. In short – it gives them something to do with their hands and is a much more acceptable method of taking nicotine than chewing nicotine gum or sticking on patches.
There are a lot of electronic cigarette products online as well as available in retail stores up and down the high street. There’s a large selection of models, styles and brands available too with a terrific choice of liquid flavors to choose from.

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e-Cig Reviews of Your Favorite Brands

We’ve seen quite a few advancements in e-cig technology over the past few years. All of these advancements means that you, the customer, can getter a more stylish, more efficient, better tasting electronic cigarette with a battery that lasts long enough to get the job done. There have been a lot of new e-cig companies popping up over the last year or two, and there are a lot of familiar companies that are continuing to produce cutting edge e-cig technology. Discovering which of these e-cig brands is right for you can be a fun and rewarding challenge. These brands are eager to meet the needs of today’s market, which means you’ll find plenty of competitive prices and advanced accessories. We’ll review a couple of the e-cig brands trying to make a name for themselves this year.

1. Bullsmoke.

download (1)When you have an active market with a lot of competing brands, you often encounter the problem of repetition. It’s not hard to look through ten different e-cig brands without realizing they are actually different brands. Bullsmoke does everything they can to break the mold, which is why they stand out as one of the best e-cig brands on the market today. Bullsmoke incorporates a western theme into all of their products and marketing. The Western imagery causes them to stick out like a sore thumb in a e-cig brand lineup. That’s a good thing for the company, but they’ve got more to offer their customers than just a unique style. The Bullsmoke motto is very simple, “More vapor. No Bull”, and they live up to this promise with style. Their e-cig batteries can easily compete with the top-ranked batteries on the market and you’ll struggle to find a difference. Despite the high-quality batteries, they still manage to rank as one of the more affordable e-cig brands on the market.

2. V2 e-cigs.

With over 5 different starter kits, the best e-cig battery in the market, a variety of unique e-liquid flavors, and accessories for anything you could possibly imagine, it’s no surprise that V2 e-cigs is the number one ranked electronic cigarette on the market. Does that mean they are the best e-cig brand for you? Not necessarily. V2 fully understands all of the components required to manage a successful e-cig brand, which are battery life, e-liquid variety, customer support, affordability, and style. V2 e-cigs gets five stars in each and every one of these categories. Whether you’re new to e-cigs all together or you’ve been vaping for years now, you’ll find that V2 e-cigs can cater to your specific needs and budget.

3. Simply E-Liquid.

Simply e liquid electronic cigarettes is one of those e-cig brands that has been here for years now, you can buy e liquid, as well top e cigarette kits. They started in 2008 and have remained one of the top e-cig brands in America and Europe over the years. While other e-cig brands may have appeared since then, Premium has continued to improve on their original formulas and original products. At the same time, they’ve cut prices to keep up with competitors. This means more high-quality vaping for a lower price.

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Honest Electronic Cigarette Review


An electronic cigarette is a device that emulates tobacco cigarettes, but provides a much safer way of smoking. This device looks almost the same as a tobacco cigarette, only that it functions electronically to provide optimal smoking satisfaction. This device is made up of 3 parts, the cartridge (holds nicotine in liquefied form), the cartomizer (the main component that vaporizes nicotine into inhalable form), and the battery component (the main source of power). Most of the e-cigs in the market today are refillable and very easy to recharge. Most people in both developed and developing countries have embraced electronic cigarettes:

What makes electronic cigarettes effective, and what are the benefits?

ecig-reviewsRefillable cartridges: This is the main component in an electronic cigarette. The cartridge houses all the nicotine and flavor needed for a great vaping experience. A single cartridge is estimated to last for several weeks before drying up. This helps one save more money for beneficial endeavors.

More than 20 flavors: This gives electronic cigarette users freedom to choose a flavor they feel like having. The most commonly preferred flavors are cinnamon, menthol, vanilla, grape, strawberry and scorch. One can have a different flavor added while refilling, or have different cartridges to use in various occasions.

Eco-friendliness: This is an undisputed fact about electronic cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs do not have any harmful effects on the environment. The only by-product produced from vaping is water vapor. This eliminates ash in ashtrays, cigarette filters and carcinogenic gases emitted from burning tobacco leaves.

Odorless: Anyone who uses an e-cig is safeguarded from the distinctive tobacco odor that tobacco smokers have. The reason for this is no smoke is produced at all. In addition to this, ones breathe can be cleansed especially if one uses cinnamon or menthol flavors in his/her e-cig.

Best quit smoking remedy: Many products have been manufactured to help cigarette smokers quit smoking. Many of such products have only lead to withdrawal symptoms and never actually work. Well this unlike medicated electronic cigarettes that have helped many people quit smoking without having to struggle. Those who used this remedy to free themselves from cigarette bondage have never attested to suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Cost efficiency: An electronic cigarette kit is estimated to cost less than one packet of tobacco cigarettes. Although cheaper, the device lasts for as long as 3 weeks, which is an equivalent of 20 packets of tobacco cigarettes. Simple calculations on these indicate that an e-cig user saves more than £200 by using just a single cartridge.

Cons about e-cigs

The only notable disadvantage with using an electronic cigarette is that, spectators assume preservatives used on nicotine may be harmful to one’s health. If this were to be true, its effects would not be as heavy as those of poisonous gases and tar are from tobacco smoke.


Although people may have varying speculations on e-cigs, they are generally more beneficial to use than traditional cigarettes. One gets to save more money and even protect his/her loved ones from becoming victims of secondary smoking.

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Little-Known Facts About E Cigs

There are many people out there who are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. While this is true, many of them do not know many of the facts about this smoking option. Here are several tidbits of information that you probably have not heard before.

E Cigs Are Not A New Phenomenon

In the past few years, the popularity of e cigs has led people to believe that they were recently invented. The reality is that they were invented in 2003. They were not introduced to the United States until several years later in 2007.

There Is No Smoke Involved

If you have ever seen someone smoke an e cig, you may have seen “smoke” emanating from the device. While that is what it may appear to be, this is not the case at all. The “smoke” you see is actually vapor that has been created by the heating of the nicotine-filled liquid used to give smokers the experience they crave.

They May Not Be Any Safer

You may have seen people all over the Internet talking about how e cigs are a much healthier option than traditional cigarettes, but there is no information to support this claim. Since you are inhaling nicotine in its purest form, it is a bit different from smoking a regular cigarette, yet there hasn’t been enough research done to show any significant difference.

They Don’t All Have Nicotine

There are some people that like the idea of smoking, yet they don’t want to get addicted. This is why several manufacturers offer e cigs that have no nicotine in the liquid. While this is not something that would please a true smoker, many others have been more than satisfied with them.

Celebrities Are Using Them

Many people are up in arms because several celebrities have been spotted using e cigs. Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl and Christina Milian are among those who have puffed on these devices. While some people see this as a good thing, others think it promotes the products to people who may not have otherwise been interested.

It Can Be Very Pricy

You may have seen e cigs in the store for as low as £7-£10, but this is for a single disposable device. Since each one is equal to a pack of cigarettes, this means that you may have to buy more than one to satisfy your cravings. While this is true, there are kits available that allow you to refill the cartridges on your own. If you are looking to save money and use less plastic, this is the best option for you.

E cigs may have been around for a while, but many people all over the world are just starting to use them. Instead of buying something you know absolutely nothing about, you can now say you are a knowledgeable shopper. While the information here may have had no bearing on your decision to purchase e cigs, it is always a good idea to be aware of what you are spending your money on and putting into your body.

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Important Facts About E-Cigs

The first electronic cigarette was invented in the early 1960’s. But it became really popular only from about a decade ago. The “Tobacco-Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association” predicts the current usage to be around the 4 million mark, in the USA. There about 250 brands of e-cigs in the market where the sales volume would hit the one billion mark by the end of this year. There are various flavors of e cigarettes available in the market currently: Exotic Tobacco, Java, Watermelon and a host of other flavors. The device that helps to vape a.k.a. the cartomizer, comes in a variety of colors. The user has the choice of selecting the preferable color as per his or her desire.
The e-cigarette is a battery operated nicotine inhaler that consist of a lithium battery, a cartomizer or the cartridge that helps to fill the e-liquid, and an LED that lights up at the end. The LED will light up to resemble the burn of a tobacco cigarette. The e-liquid that fills the cartomizer contain propylene glycol, nicotine in various percentages, a variety of flavors and other additives. The nicotine level will differ according to the brand and also a single brand can have various percentages of nicotine, starting from zero and all the way up to 18-20%. “Vaping” is the term used for an e-cig, which is similar to puffing of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The battery will help to heat the e-liquid until it produces a vapor. This vapor is what brings the satisfaction that resembles of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette.
There are several package sizes for e-cigarettes. The basic package is called the e-cigs starter kit, which will cost between £30-150 depending on the brand. The cartomizer can be replaced once it’s worn out, and the replacement cost would be around £500. There are various types of promotional and discount coupons available online where you can get these devices for a much lower price. Even though the Food and Drug Administration of the USA was authorized to regulate the e-cigarettes under the existing tobacco laws, the e-cigarettes are not regulated under any government agency up to now. The device functions just like a regular tobacco cigarette but with fewer toxins. Hence it is not totally unhealthy to the smoker. It is much less harmful to the health of the user than the traditional tobacco cigarette. The harm it can do is directly proportionate to the nicotine percentage in the e-cig. In order to avoid this risk, you can always select a brand with a zero percentage of nicotine. The choice is yours. The number of e-cig users in the world is expected to quadruple within the next 2-3 years. People are moving away from the addiction to the traditional and harmful tobacco cigarette, which is directly related to lung cancer and many other harmful diseases.
The e-cigs are extremely popular today and are helpful to give the satisfaction of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette without the health risks involved in it.

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How To Use Your E Cig Successfully

nes-mod-ecig-modE cigs are an all new, safer smoking alternative that have become very popular with tobacco users. Because it’s a new technology, some people may have felt a bit challenged, but really there’s no need for that. E cigarettes are simple and easy to use. Just follow these smart tips.

1. Always have a charged battery. You should have a minimum of 2 batteries on hand. One should be charging while you use the other one. In this way, you’ll never be caught short.

2. Buy a high quality portable charging case. If you are away from home for long periods of time, you will want to have a portable charging case to keep your spare battery close at hand. This also provides you with a handy carrying compartment for extra cartridges and supplies.

3. Watch your LED tip or other indicator of battery charge. By keeping an eye on the LED tip of your e cig or other monitoring device, you can switch out your battery before it dies. This saves you some minor inconvenience.

4. Be sure to keep all your paperwork. Keep the owner’s manual and warranty that come with your e cig kit and equipment. Most electronic cigarette companies are happy to honor your warranty, but you do have to have it on hand to file a claim. Additionally, your owner’s manual can answer lots of questions if you do run into a problem with your electronic cigarette.

5. Purchase only the most recent technology. Look for a good e cig review website where you can learn about all the latest and greatest in e cigs. The technology is changing every day, and you want to stay right on top of it. There is no comparison between the original, outmoded technology of 10 years ago and today’s sleek, high tech models. Get the latest technology for the best vaping experience.

6. Be a responsible vaper. One big advantage of e cigs over tobacco cigarettes is that they are so much better for the environment. Be sure to dispose of your used batteries and cartridges appropriately by depositing them in the correct recycling receptacles.

6. Always look for coupon deals. There are always excellent coupon codes to be found online that can save you lots of money on e cigs and equipment on an ongoing basis. Never make an e cig or equipment purchase without locating a good coupon code.

7. Seek out vape for free deals! Some e cig companies offer a vape for free program that allows you to get free products when you refer your friends. Be sure to check out the website of any brand you are considering to see if they offer this sort of valuable deal.

Vaping with e cigs is a safer, smarter, thriftier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. When you follow these smart tips, you can have a totally satisfying vaping experience.

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