Important Facts About E-Cigs

The first electronic cigarette was invented in the early 1960’s. But it became really popular only from about a decade ago. The “Tobacco-Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association” predicts the current usage to be around the 4 million mark, in the USA. There about 250 brands of e-cigs in the market where the sales volume would hit the one billion mark by the end of this year. There are various flavors of e cigarettes available in the market currently: Exotic Tobacco, Java, Watermelon and a host of other flavors. The device that helps to vape a.k.a. the cartomizer, comes in a variety of colors. The user has the choice of selecting the preferable color as per his or her desire.
The e-cigarette is a battery operated nicotine inhaler that consist of a lithium battery, a cartomizer or the cartridge that helps to fill the e-liquid, and an LED that lights up at the end. The LED will light up to resemble the burn of a tobacco cigarette. The e-liquid that fills the cartomizer contain propylene glycol, nicotine in various percentages, a variety of flavors and other additives. The nicotine level will differ according to the brand and also a single brand can have various percentages of nicotine, starting from zero and all the way up to 18-20%. “Vaping” is the term used for an e-cig, which is similar to puffing of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The battery will help to heat the e-liquid until it produces a vapor. This vapor is what brings the satisfaction that resembles of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette.
There are several package sizes for e-cigarettes. The basic package is called the e-cigs starter kit, which will cost between £30-150 depending on the brand. The cartomizer can be replaced once it’s worn out, and the replacement cost would be around £500. There are various types of promotional and discount coupons available online where you can get these devices for a much lower price. Even though the Food and Drug Administration of the USA was authorized to regulate the e-cigarettes under the existing tobacco laws, the e-cigarettes are not regulated under any government agency up to now. The device functions just like a regular tobacco cigarette but with fewer toxins. Hence it is not totally unhealthy to the smoker. It is much less harmful to the health of the user than the traditional tobacco cigarette. The harm it can do is directly proportionate to the nicotine percentage in the e-cig. In order to avoid this risk, you can always select a brand with a zero percentage of nicotine. The choice is yours. The number of e-cig users in the world is expected to quadruple within the next 2-3 years. People are moving away from the addiction to the traditional and harmful tobacco cigarette, which is directly related to lung cancer and many other harmful diseases.
The e-cigs are extremely popular today and are helpful to give the satisfaction of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette without the health risks involved in it.

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How To Use Your E Cig Successfully

nes-mod-ecig-modE cigs are an all new, safer smoking alternative that have become very popular with tobacco users. Because it’s a new technology, some people may have felt a bit challenged, but really there’s no need for that. E cigarettes are simple and easy to use. Just follow these smart tips.

1. Always have a charged battery. You should have a minimum of 2 batteries on hand. One should be charging while you use the other one. In this way, you’ll never be caught short.

2. Buy a high quality portable charging case. If you are away from home for long periods of time, you will want to have a portable charging case to keep your spare battery close at hand. This also provides you with a handy carrying compartment for extra cartridges and supplies.

3. Watch your LED tip or other indicator of battery charge. By keeping an eye on the LED tip of your e cig or other monitoring device, you can switch out your battery before it dies. This saves you some minor inconvenience.

4. Be sure to keep all your paperwork. Keep the owner’s manual and warranty that come with your e cig kit and equipment. Most electronic cigarette companies are happy to honor your warranty, but you do have to have it on hand to file a claim. Additionally, your owner’s manual can answer lots of questions if you do run into a problem with your electronic cigarette.

5. Purchase only the most recent technology. Look for a good e cig review website where you can learn about all the latest and greatest in e cigs. The technology is changing every day, and you want to stay right on top of it. There is no comparison between the original, outmoded technology of 10 years ago and today’s sleek, high tech models. Get the latest technology for the best vaping experience.

6. Be a responsible vaper. One big advantage of e cigs over tobacco cigarettes is that they are so much better for the environment. Be sure to dispose of your used batteries and cartridges appropriately by depositing them in the correct recycling receptacles.

6. Always look for coupon deals. There are always excellent coupon codes to be found online that can save you lots of money on e cigs and equipment on an ongoing basis. Never make an e cig or equipment purchase without locating a good coupon code.

7. Seek out vape for free deals! Some e cig companies offer a vape for free program that allows you to get free products when you refer your friends. Be sure to check out the website of any brand you are considering to see if they offer this sort of valuable deal.

Vaping with e cigs is a safer, smarter, thriftier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. When you follow these smart tips, you can have a totally satisfying vaping experience.

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