Honest Electronic Cigarette Review


An electronic cigarette is a device that emulates tobacco cigarettes, but provides a much safer way of smoking. This device looks almost the same as a tobacco cigarette, only that it functions electronically to provide optimal smoking satisfaction. This device is made up of 3 parts, the cartridge (holds nicotine in liquefied form), the cartomizer (the main component that vaporizes nicotine into inhalable form), and the battery component (the main source of power). Most of the e-cigs in the market today are refillable and very easy to recharge. Most people in both developed and developing countries have embraced electronic cigarettes:

What makes electronic cigarettes effective, and what are the benefits?

ecig-reviewsRefillable cartridges: This is the main component in an electronic cigarette. The cartridge houses all the nicotine and flavor needed for a great vaping experience. A single cartridge is estimated to last for several weeks before drying up. This helps one save more money for beneficial endeavors.

More than 20 flavors: This gives electronic cigarette users freedom to choose a flavor they feel like having. The most commonly preferred flavors are cinnamon, menthol, vanilla, grape, strawberry and scorch. One can have a different flavor added while refilling, or have different cartridges to use in various occasions.

Eco-friendliness: This is an undisputed fact about electronic cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs do not have any harmful effects on the environment. The only by-product produced from vaping is water vapor. This eliminates ash in ashtrays, cigarette filters and carcinogenic gases emitted from burning tobacco leaves.

Odorless: Anyone who uses an e-cig is safeguarded from the distinctive tobacco odor that tobacco smokers have. The reason for this is no smoke is produced at all. In addition to this, ones breathe can be cleansed especially if one uses cinnamon or menthol flavors in his/her e-cig.

Best quit smoking remedy: Many products have been manufactured to help cigarette smokers quit smoking. Many of such products have only lead to withdrawal symptoms and never actually work. Well this unlike medicated electronic cigarettes that have helped many people quit smoking without having to struggle. Those who used this remedy to free themselves from cigarette bondage have never attested to suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Cost efficiency: An electronic cigarette kit is estimated to cost less than one packet of tobacco cigarettes. Although cheaper, the device lasts for as long as 3 weeks, which is an equivalent of 20 packets of tobacco cigarettes. Simple calculations on these indicate that an e-cig user saves more than £200 by using just a single cartridge.

Cons about e-cigs

The only notable disadvantage with using an electronic cigarette is that, spectators assume preservatives used on nicotine may be harmful to one’s health. If this were to be true, its effects would not be as heavy as those of poisonous gases and tar are from tobacco smoke.


Although people may have varying speculations on e-cigs, they are generally more beneficial to use than traditional cigarettes. One gets to save more money and even protect his/her loved ones from becoming victims of secondary smoking.

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